the plan

alright the idea is to somehow get control on my music library. i’ve found countless transferring services but nothing close to what i want.

okay i want to use go because well go is fun, the little ive used it and its fasssttt. just using hugo a little was enough to encourage me even more.

and next for the ui because i want to learn that also. plus maybe native ios app later idk? depends now much i use this or other people do

anyway back to the idea. i want my music library combined and exported or imported and be saved offline agnostic of platform somehow

um also a nice ui to see my music.

but more importantly just be able to make damn genre playlist in spotify. thats the main reason. because no i dont want to listen to your ai’s subset of genres you think i like, i do like them. but i want it specific. there’s nuance to the genre and what i’ve defined it to be

okay now i was thinking tags like emoji tags to your music. so it can be genre and feeling based. you know sometimes i want to listen to 💔🍾 or 😈🥱 music.

and last of all syncing music services, so i can listen to my spotify library on apple music cause they cant add hifi

and maybe later scrobbler so i can just have one music truth and have it built to last and be actually useful, to me at least

we’ll see how far i get